The movie stars Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond, and is a modern- day fairy tale about the 3 loves of Sabrina Fair.

The daughter of the Larrabee family chauffeur, the lovely Sabrina Fair has adored David Larrabee, the younger of the two Larrabee sons, since childhood. The rich playboy barely knows she exists until she returns from a stay in Paris where she matured into a beautiful young woman. But David is now engaged to a lovely young woman whose father's company is about to merge with Larrabee company headed by his older brother Linus. To protect the merger, Linus decides to woo Sabrina and keep her out of the way until after the wedding and merger.

In his awkward success, Linus realizes the value of the prize he has won and cannot bare to deceive her further. He confesses all; Sabrina is hurt and returns to Paris intent on getting over the Larrabee she now loves. When David realizes that for the first time Linus is motivated by something other than making money he demonstrates his suppressed skill for running the family businesses and arranges for Linus to rendezvous with Sabrina in Paris.

Those are the first two loves.

The third is the chauffeur. Sabrina's widowed father has bought and sold stock with the late Mr. Larrabee in the hopes of one day giving his beloved daughter $1 million. He has accumulated $2 million; and, when Sabrina decides to go to Paris, he makes her the gift.

What is the Scriptural parallel? None, aside from never selling ourselves short for what the world offers as success. But that is pretty major in itself. Sabrina appears to have more character than the rich Larrabees she admires, and at the end all Larrabees agree.

1 Timothy 5:21 states, "I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality." According to the Holman Bible Dictionary, partiality is favor shown to one person over another, particularly on the basis of external factors such as economic level or ethnic background. The movie gives no insight into any Scriptural training or study Sabrina may have had. But some of the most astute Bible students confuse fame and fortune with success.  This is really an enjoyable movie, and you can its available at Sabrina

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