Michael stars John Travolta, Audie MacDowell, William Hurt, Jean Stapleton, and Robert Pastorelli.

From the previews, I had not expected to find anything in the movie to relate to Scripture. But there are certain entertainers I like and this movie had three of them: Travolta, MacDowell, and Hurt. I'd not expected Jean Stapleton or Robert Pastorelli, but both were pleasant surprises. And I did enjoy the movie. Perhaps because I had decided to enjoy it, I was simply seeking light entertainment. And that is what I got.

The plot and subplots were implausible; and this has nothing to do with the angel thing. (We've learned to accept portrayals of angels from Touched By An Angel and The Preacher's Wife.) We (the audience) are initially led to believe that Michael is dispatched to destroy a local bank in response to prayer from a widow who has fallen behind on her payments. We later find that he has been sent on a more complicated mission: to give someone their heart back. But before the audience is given this bit of insight, Michael displays that he is not the cleanest of beings. He has a serious addiction to sweets and cigarettes; he has little or no tact; and, a vocabulary so limited he must resort to crudeness to punctuate a point. Michael is also a womanizer who has no problem in temporarily alluring women away from their familiar and comfortable relationships with intimations of the exotic and grandiose. And we never really know whether his mission is accomplished.

This movie is so unlike The Preacher's Wife where the audience can identify common struggles with which even the angel must wrestle.

It is not one I'd recommend, even for light entertainment.