Groundhog Day
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Groundhog Day stars Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, and it is a great movie! The movie came out in 1993 and as most of you have seen it, I wonít be giving away too much when I rehearse the Bible message it contains.

In a nutshell, Israel journeyed from Egypt to Canaan for 40 years, a trip that should have taken no more than 11 days, even then. But at each critical juncture mistakes were made that kept Israel from progressing further until they and their leadership finally got it right.

The details point out how Israel continued to demonstrate their lack of faith in God and His provision. Time after time, they would not believe God had their best interests at heart, and they acted on their unbelief--very similar to you and I when we determine that our next success depends on our action; and we act independent of God `who may or may not be aware of all the circumstances or see things quite as clearly as we.

Now that is Groundhog Day, with a very different set of details of course.

If you've already seen the movie you know Phil Conors (Israel in my analogy) is played by Bill Murray and the journey from Egypt to Canaan is his attempted return from snowbound Punxsutawney, PA as the weatherman reporting on Groundhog Day for a Pittsburgh television station. The "getting it right" is simply making the best out of the present. And, as Phil, he lives a life-time of Groundhog Days until he finally does get it right.

Iím sure you enjoyed the movie when you first saw it. You're certain to enjoy the movie more with this new perspective. And for more of the details as originally lived by the nation of Israel, consult Deuteronomy1:19; through 8:15 or Numbers 11 through 32. You can go to 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 for a summary.

It's a perfect Bible lesson for the teens, so don't let it pass. This is one for the library and its still available.

That's my take.