Gran Torino

 Clint Eastwood directed and produced the 2008 film Gran Torino, and starred in Gran Torino as the central character, Walt Kowalski.

Walt is a retired Ford Motor Company employee who served in the military during the Koran Conflict and worked on the Ford assemble line that built the 1972 Gran Torino. He purchased one brand new and has maintained it in pristine condition. Now in the decline of Detroit, the Ford Motor Company and American prosperity and international leadership, Walt is defined by his Gran Torino that represents a better time in his America.

The Gran Torino is his only sanctuary as even his neighborhood has changed reflecting a true mixing of pot – his well maintained house stands in a sea of immigrants with different cultures and religious practices upon which Walt looks down. He has been able to live in the isolation of his mind reckoning himself better than all around him.

But when he intervenes in an extended family dispute involving his next door neighbor, Walt becomes a hero to the neighborhood and a reluctant mentor to the boy next door that results in Walt making a sacrifice that provides his young friend the opportunity to live-out what he has learned without interference from the Hmong gang.

There is the Bible parallel;. despite Walt’s effort to mentor his young friend all will be lost because of the continuing interference of the Hmong gang, so Walt takes care of the preparation as well the elimination to the main obstacle to application. Can you see Jesus’ efforts here? His death paid what we owed, the administration of His Will through the Holy Spirit makes sure our right to salvation and all it entails cannot be taken from us.

Eastwood carries this movie, and his direction is superb.  If you have not seen it, get it now fromAmazon, Gran Torino (Widescreen Edition).