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I rented this movie some time  ago, not thinking I'd review it. But I found an interesting concept I'd like to share.

Michelle Pfeiffer goes into an inner-city school to teach a "special class." Special as in "Welcome Back Kotter" without the humor. To get the attention of the students she gives each student a grade of "A" and tells them it is up to them to keep it. To a pupil, they all make efforts to keep the teacher's favor, even the class tough-guy! The movie really was not that good, but what a ploy!

It's an interesting concept--kind of like salvation. The Holman Bible Dictionary defines grace as undeserved acceptance and love received from another, especially the characteristic attitude of God in providing salvation for sinners. It's very much like the favor of God.  Once we are saved we begin to develop a relationship with God.  He is available to us at any time because He covets the relationship.  And He never takes Himself away from us. But we must the fellowship. It's easy to see how this works in the class room as well as in life. After experiencing the lack of favor in the class room or in life, very few would attempt to work our way out of favor. Conversely, we don't properly value favor if we have never considered its lack, not realizing that God's way is better than what may appear to be our "current good circumstances." Perhaps that's why so many of us waste years doing things our way only to settle for God's way late in life.

Now I know some of you may disagree, having seen something totally different. But that's what this is all about, reveiwing it again for your real take.