I Can Be Bad All By Myself

This is a continuation of the Tyler Perry Madea movies, the bread and butter of Tyler's empire. Madea (Mother Dear), portrayed by Tyler Perry, is the matriarch of the Simmons family and is the comic relief and sometimes star of most Tyler Perry comedies. She is the wise, honorable, and yet not always law abiding woman of 6'5" with gray hair to give her the appearance of an age somewhere in her sixties.

There is actually a minimal role for Madea in this one. We see her early when she discovers the break-in of her house by three hungry youths who have recently lost their grandmother, and later when she attempts to relate what she knows of the Bible and God's willingness to intervene in our lives -- she bungles it badly commingling Noah and Jonah and Peter's walking on the water into a single Bible story. She seems to recall just enough of popular Bible stories to keep hearer's mired in a life far short of what God planned for us. But Madea is a comic figure and no one expects her to be a Bible scholar.

The focus is this movie is April, the beautiful, alcoholic, and selfish night club singer who suddenly finds herself responsible for the upbringing of her two nieces and a nephew who have broken into Madea's house and been brought to her for damages sustained in the break-in. The audience recognizes April's inability to adequately care for herself, much less the children of her late sister, and the entire movie deals with April's struggles with maturity and responsibility. We see her move from a relationship with a married man to an almost instantaneous marriage to Sandino, the Columbia handy man who cares for the children far more than April. The rushed marriage, jumping from one man to another, even if the latter is a good man, in no way reflects the title of movie or title song belted out by Mary J. Blidge.  April is never alone long enough to know herself, and certainly never spent adequate time with Sandino to know whether he is the one for her.  She has sown to flesh and never had the opportunity to sow any good thing into  her life alone in preparation for a successful marriage.

Although the movie is filled with sermonizing in both song and scene, there is the sense that the religious community portrayed does not really know God, and only know of Him. The songs and the skits never rise to the level of encouraging acceptance of Christ, only depicting an unspoken joy to come when one does. Evidence of deliverance is in song!

Tyler Perry is a writer, producer, director, actor, and not a minister of the Gospel. But he has combined enough wisdom here for the curious.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself was released in September 2009 and is available on DVD from Amazon.com. Stars include Tyler Perry as Madea and Joe, Taraji P. Henson as April, Adam Rodriguez from CSI Miami as Sandino, Gladys Knight as Wilma, Mary J. Blidge as Tanya, and Marvin Winans as Pastor Brian.

There is a good bit of sermonizing in this one,in both song and action scenes. The movie features major performances from Marvin Winans, Mary J.Blidge, and Gladys Knight with musical sermons by all.

Galatians 6:7 (KJV) Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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