A Woman's Vision     11/02/1990


More than 43 years ago with a pregnant wife and only the tithe from his weekly salary of $40.00 left, Elder T. Marshal Kelly reasoned that he would be less than an infidel if he did not feed his family; and he began to consider how he could justify using the tithe for food.

His wife sensed what he was considering and told him that if he bought food with the tithe she would not eat it.

Embarrassed, he denied his thoughts. But she continued, "Lets pray, for the Lord says prove Him concerning the tithe and see if He will not " ...open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

Even more embarrassed that it took his wife to quote the very Scripture (Malachi 3:10) concerning the present need, the young Elder began to pray only to be interrupted by, "Honey, why don't you let me pray about this?"

This was even more embarrassing as she had also sensed that his heart was not properly prepared to pray. He, an Elder and the Pastor of a small Seventh Day Adventist church with a weekly salary of $40, increased from $35 when he took a wife. But before he could state an objection and remind his bride of his position in the church and the home, she began to quote Scripture to God and remind Him of their belief (she was charitable enough to include the Elder) and dependence upon Him. She promised that for as long as they lived they would tell others of His greatness and his deliverance in this time of need--the inverse was obvious.

After the prayer and prolonged praise for the answer, the Elder ignored what appeared to be a faint knock on the door. But it was no use--the woman who had heard his unspoken thoughts certainly had heard the knock on the door. "God has not answered your prayer yet!" was the off-handed remark when asked to open the door. But he opened it, to find a bag of groceries and see a man going down the stairs.

The Kellys had been married for 43 years when I heard this story many years ago. It was told by an Elder present at an anniversary dinner when Elder Kelly asked his wife if she would marry him again. "No! not if you were the mess you were when I met you. But God has done a lot of work on you since then and a lot of work with you."

*The story above is true and was related to the congregation of Capital Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church several years ago. Aside from hinting at the value and impact of a Godly woman, it also reminds us that God is faithful concerning the tithe.

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