Notes To The Family FishFam

Prayer and Space

Two steps, and he would stumble, fall. Smiling and giggling he gets up again and stumbles further before he falls again. But at this age he is resilient and eager. And he wants this - - to be able to keep up!

It was the same with me. And now I'm here, but still learning, growing in Christ.

No matter how many times I fell, those around me knew that I wanted to grow. And they were patient - - teaching when I already knew it all. Counseling and steering me despite my arrogance. My profession of faith spanned decades up to now. I must have appeared a hypocrite to countless people I encountered. If only I had learned early on to just shut up, and do it! Shut up and be.

And I could have done that, not being a public figure. Such is not the case for him.

We must pray, and grant him space.

Jesus Embroidered