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Stealing in the Name of God - Monday, 11/29/2010

Iíve got this great message design with Jesus hanging on the Cross and the words, Heís dying to meet you, printed to his right and the citation John 3:16 to His left. The cross is blood stained and the whole thing is really touching. I just wish it were mine. But itís not.

I came across the design on a card more than 30 years ago and liked it; so I saved the card. Over the years Iíve been on the lookout for a cap or T-shirt or mug with the design, but have not been able to locate one.

About five years ago I wrote to the address on the back of the card asking for permission to use the design on ScriptureStuff products. I received no reply although the letter was never returned indicating the recipient could not be found. I even scoured the internet trying to find the design, but still nothing. So about a year ago I created a message design using the art work. But I never felt easy about it. Fortunately, Iíve never sold a product with the John 3:16 message design but Iíd still really like to.

What I donít want to do is sell products with the design and have the owner come out of the woodwork and call me a theft. Then Iíd have to make restitution in accordance with 2 Samuel 12 and Exodus 22:1-4. Now I know this rule is not followed in the world of publications, particularly internet publications. It is also not followed in the world of T-shirt designs. And not all who market Christian T-shirts follow Biblical principles. But as I want the business and my life to be profitable Iíve got to satisfy myself that Iíve made every effort to contact the rightful owner.

Hence: ScriptureStuff is seeking permission to use the John 3:16 (Jesus on the Cross) design and desires to discuss terms of agreement for such use.

The owner of this design should contact ScriptureStuff via email at within six (6) months from today, December 1, 2010.

Until contacted within the six (6) month period and satisfactory arrangements are made for ScriptureStuff use of the design, ScriptureStuff will maintain a separate and proper accounting of all sales for turnover of proceeds to the rightful owner of the design if arrangements for ScriptureStuf use cannot be made.

If not contacted within six (6) months by the rightful owner of the design, ScriptureStuff will assume the design is now in the public domain and continue production without regard to future claims.

 Really hope to hear from someone!