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Invictus -Monday, 07/26/2010

Invictus is a movie of forgiveness and conquering. It was produced and directed by Clint Eastwood, and stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela who was held a political prisoner for 27 years by the apartheid government of South Africa and Matt Damon as the captain of the South African Rugby Team, the Springbok, that won the World Cup in 1995.

Nelson Mandela has been released from prison and won the first fully democratic election for presidency in South Africa, and South Africa is hosting the World Cup in rugby. The Springbok had been a dominant team before its isolation from the world because of apartheid. And although Rugby is considered the sport of the 63,000 Afrikaners while soccer is the sport of the 43,000,000 South Africans, President Mandela sees the hosting of the World Cup as a vehicle for uniting all of South Africa behind a common goal. South Africa must win the World Cup!

The sports footage throughout the film is great! In fact, it is a great sports film. Along the way we learn lessons on leadership and forgiveness and avoiding the traps of hate and fear. When you see it next, be sure to look for these great lines in context:

  • When Jason, the chief of his security detail, tells him that the four newly assigned security officers may be same ones who tried to kill him not long ago, President Mandela responds, "Forgiveness starts here too. Forgiveness never hurts the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon. Please, Jason, try."
  • President Mandela "does not like it if you do not smile when you push people away."
  • "We will call him Mr. President."
  • "In order to build our nation we must all succeed our own expectations."
  • "My father was a polygamist. As you know, I am not. But when I look at you, I envy my father."
  • "You know things change, and we need to change as well."
  • "We had the support of 43 million South Africans"
Invictus is the name of the poem that gave Mandela hope and determination while imprisoned for 27 years. In Latin, it means unconquered