Constant God - Whatever the thought, the deed, the possibility - there is God, always there, knowing our thought and awaiting our request for His insight.

God's Problem - Tuesday, 10/14/2010

I wonít keep you in suspense. Itís tomorrow.
Thatís it! Godís problem is tomorrow.

tís always there.
No matter the offense, tomorrow remains. And tomorrow God is still
1 and loving and will accept our repentance, and forgive us and
strengthen us for the chore ahead.

That person you would become with Godís help . . . that person can
always be, tomorrow --
always there delaying your decision, then your action.
Ever present, but just out of reach,
equivalent to ďlaterĒ but with a positive spin,
as if an appointment is being set for action,
forward looking . .
so much better than never, yet too often the same
plaguing today, daring it to be great.

1That is quite a statement Ė> ďGod is still good . . .Ē Do say? Thatís like saying God is God. God defines good. Good is derived from God.