Constant God - Whatever the thought, the deed, the possibility - there is God, always there, knowing our thought and awaiting our request for His insight.

For the Lack of The Name - Saturday, 09/25/2010

God, forgive me.
It could have been a command.

He had not lived a bad life.  No worst than most.
And he had done a few really good things -- like leaving school early to fight for his country after 9/11.

He did two tours in Iraq with no incident.

And now on his third tour in the Middle East, while not Unbreakable his combat record indicated he was pretty close.
That changed a moment ago, before he knew how quickly it could be over. 

God, forgive me is all he knew.

He knew there was one.  That He was watching, and had been watching  
all his life; he never doubted that God existed. 
He also knew there could only be one.
And he understood that He was forgiving.

So, for what he had done wrong or done badly, he asked god for forgiveness.