The commentary A Time to Resign was apt for its time. But then comes a time to bomb and bomb and bomb again especially now that the middle east can not accuse US attacks of being "monica missiles" (a diversionary tactic by the impeachment-facing former president).

In the first place, the strikes were a double-edged back stab into the soul of America - the heartland of 21st Century humanity - incidentally claiming victims from 80 countries on earth. With no Walls left to conquer, the end of the Cold War has rekindled for mankind the Old War - between the Knave and the Brave; between the Free and the Freak. It is the universe's longest running battle, the intractable epic President Bush so aptly identified as the conflict between ‘Good and Evil'.

The 60-year encore of Pearl Harbor (absolutely not the movie) was a digitally mastered version, if one were permitted the pun. Pearl Harbor II was much worse for several obvious reasons. For one the original Pearl Harbor attack was not on the continental USA, was not in the nation's capital city, was not against the military head quarters and not against civilian targets.

Nor for that matter did PH1 experience American citizens, aircraft, training and resources being unwittingly deployed for the destruction of yet more American citizens, institutions and buildings. At least the PH1 had some sort of preamble to it, even if the element of surprise was more like an element of shock. And of course the war script was signed by the culprit country - after the fact!

Not so with PH2 orchestrated by ‘authors unknown'. Perhaps the only facts known are that this mindless slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans is the worst terrorist act in history and that the reprisals will be of a "higher order of magnitude" than Nagasaki and Hiroshima which followed PH1, if Henry Kissinger were to have his way. The certainty of the retaliations is such a foregone conclusion that the Afghans themselves began digging trenches to await the empire's strikes back and Bin Laden taped a video in advance of the US strikes!

Many would have loved to hear President Bush preface his remarks to the nation with the words "Fellow Americans, a few minutes ago our forces finished exercises on the countries formerly known as Afghanistan and Iraq. As part of my commitment to education, I am asking Congress to appropriate funds to replace geography textbooks in our schools showing the world map as recently amended by our missiles without the two nations aforesaid. The INS is currently recruiting Afghani-American women for the reproduction of a non-terrorist, non-misogynistic people who will repopulate the landmass that will now be known as Amerikastan. In the unlikely event that any terrorists are caught alive, they will become the new stem line for NIH's continuing stem cell research".

Instead the administration has begun the process of coalition building (which in Afghani translates as ‘trench-digging') and a studied contemplation of just how novel the new Hiroshima will be.

The good news: in itself this is an intriguing first attack in psychological warfare as the terrorists scurry in dreaded anticipation of the inexorable. It is after all the not knowing when that is terrifying...The bad news: coming up with a reprisal scenario that would equate 5000 US lives is a tall order. The A-bomb is an exceedingly tough act to follow. This calls for redefining moments because it is an uphill task conceiving in a 'compassionate' and 'conservative' response to such a mind-numbing travesty. Did this sophisticated and well-coordinated band of reprobates actually contemplate that America would have a right to its own honor killings?


Perhaps the person who has most appropriately analyzed and articulated the prevailing situation is president Bush. His initial comment "freedom has been attacked" and freedom must be defended graphically captured the fact that these were way more than terrorist acts. They were in fact an attempted coup d' etat.

If the White House were targeted then it would have had all the elements except a change of power, i.e. a dictator to replace the President. But that is the whole point of it all - it was a subtle terrorist coup attempt, you see, because if President Bush were the first US President to have been assassinated by terrorists, freedom would have been toppled and terror would have taken over the reins of power in America.


That a President would have to second guess whether he could return to his capital city or not, raises the terrorist insurgency to a level unparalleled in any contemporary non-war situation.

President Bush was right in upgrading this to an act of war but even more so the first war of the 21st century.

Folks, this means way more than a few cruise missiles - this means this generation of Americans has their very own real war to fight, to be vets of and to compete for the title of ‘great generation' too! As a Fox news reporter put it, the nation that defeated Nazism and Communism must now defeat terrorism.


Of course there is the bothersome little question of just who this war should be declared against now that it is clear we have a war on our hands. Once again the President has it right - terrorists and their territories!

The enemy is an eclectic counterculture that is fighting America's global culture as a beacon of light for freedom and democracy. That is reason enough for a fight. One between the empire and the barbarians; between civilization and savages, order and chaos.

The enemy is a misanthropic anti-life form that wages war against life-loving forms. The issue at stake is while we respect their death wish, we must preserve our life wish, and fulfil theirs. Theirs is a quite rabid strain that can not be persuaded or dissuaded - it can only be decimated and decimated.

Bin Laden for instance has been a long known field marshal/financier of one of these private army of enemies. He has neither been nameless or faceless. He has claimed US outposts in Kenya and Tanzania; a US Warship in Yemen and now US planes, capital cities and military HQ. No, the enemy was not unknown. It was the victim who was unknown. American has just awakened to the fact that it has been a VOW (victim of war) for several years now not just the object of attention of a fatally attracted - and terribly crazed - terrorist stalker.

The Taliban has constituted itself into Bush's equivalent of Reagan's evil empire as an evil umpire. It aims to mediate between its VIP terrorist and his victims while superintending a swampland that breeds the basest elements of humanity.


Because it is more a clash of cultures than of countries, the rules of engagement if any are different. For one, Bin Laden (or as he will soon be known Bomb Laden) has already declared war on the US and so it is a moot point whether the President needs authorization to declare war or not (an invitation to war is usually not one you can unilaterally decline).

Secondly, you do not need to establish evidence beyond reasonable doubt before striking in this sort of unconventional warfare. With an evolving and mutating invisible foreign enemy, the niceties of municipal court depositions and evidentiary hearings are not the right of an extraneous enemy. Bin Laden's outstanding indictment by a grand jury is a superfluous act of grace - an unmerited favor.

Further to this, it is instructive that terrorists are not signatories to the Geneva Convention. This means once again, that there are no rules of warfare. No prisoners need be taken. The only convention in this unconventional warfare is the notice the terrorist gives - none!


Finally President Bush summed it up. This is an attack against the world and America will lead the world to victory. The pieces finally all fit in one redefining moment.

Americans are united for once over things that really matter. Their sibling quibbling and partisan bickering over the mundane has been replaced with unanimity, patriotism and a new awareness of the globe. Even the media has moved from the intern to the international: congress from Social Security to Societal Security and myself from reruns of Jerry's Seinfield to Jennings' Century on ABC. From the inferno that sunk the twin towers, divergent and disparate Americans have been smelted into one race. The enemy is neither thee nor me - the enemy is we!

America has been born again, reinvigorated and revitalized. With a mission again, with a cause and a moral obligation once more. No more self-absorbed and minutiae-fixated, it rises as a phoenix to truly lead the world; from heir-apparent-in-waiting to first-born son of nations. Its responsibility to history - to rid the world of evil.

The Old War is back on and the heartland of humanity is taking on the badlands of depravity. There are only two tribes on earth now - the barbarians and the civilized. Civilization strives to outlive barbarism and good finally takes on evil again with a freshly baptized gladiator.

Even if the US only liberates Iraq and Afghanistan from the cruel clutches of terrorist rulers, the frontiers of freedom would have been widened and more of earth's people freed into life - all because of PH x2. That would be a fitting memorial for this great sacrifice and it would be much much more than Nagasaki and Hiroshima because in the rest of the millennium, earth's two newest nations of Pentagonia and Amerikastan would owe their very existence to Pearl Harbor x2.

The writer, Emmanuel Isha Ogebe is a resident of Arlington, VA.  He was born in Jos, Nigeria and came to the United States in September 1997.  His homeland has experienced Christian and Islamic violence for over two decades. He has been an international ministry associate at McLean Bible Church and currently runs a consultancy on Nigerian. 

(This article was first published on the web on at WWW.NIGERIAWORLD.COM.)

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