Now that it is over . . .

Let's assume that your candidates did not win, and the governing bodies are now arrayed for failure. Even in the best of times the preponderance of ineptitude just elected would have a hard time delivering us from our present distresses. And our distresses have never been so great. So, what shall we now expect?


Regardless of who serves in public office throughout the country, we have access to and power with God. He is attentive to the prayers of His children and has provided guidelines on how to reach Him and attain favor Footnote . And He so wants to grant our every petition that He has provided the Holy Spirit to assist us in prayer Footnote . Our action is to yield to Him and allow ourselves to be used as His voice on earth Footnote .


Use your favor with God to pray for our elected officials, that they receive wisdom from God for their proper exercise of authority for our good. Hedge them up that they be protected from the influence of those who would misuse them. Avoid supplying God with the “how to” least He yield to your wisdom. And prepare to receive and follow His direction for your part. 


God sent Jesus to the cross so that He could hear from us. Our future is too important to allow direction by others, particularly when God has provided the Holy Spirit to assist us. Allow the Holy Spirit to direct your prayers. This is tricky in corporate prayer. Footnote In group prayer there is a tendency to voice agreement even when there is none or when what has been said has not been understood. The same is true for ceremonial prayer. These prayers are for the ears of mankind, not God. We must present our petitions to God. Footnote


Avoid adding the Amen as a matter of protocol. Amen means I agree, me too, so let it be. It is your way of piggybacking what has just been said. Voice your agreement selectively throughout the prayer where agreement is found. Withhold it where there is none.


Scripture testifies with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, David and others that where ever there is total abandonment to God’s will, God provides success beyond measure. We are no less than they, and He has not changed.


            Now, if your candidates did win and you are concerned that they may not be able to effectively handle the tasks before them?  See above!


            And, suppose he is the . . . ?  See above!



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