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Glorify Your Name! 

What one receives is really a matter of what they focus on.  Focus on Jesus with this great ScriptureStuff message design!  But first, a little help in seeing what is all around you.  Did you get it?  He is all around you.  Don't focus on the navy, He is written in the white.  And  once you know He's there He is so much easier to find.

So look for Him on ScriptureStuff Hoodies, Caps,  Calendars, Scripture Pajamas, Mugs,  Women's Long Sleeve, Women's Raglan, Cap Sleeve Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirt, Hitch Cover, Travel Mug, Magnets and Buttons, Sweatshirts, Jerseys . . . See them all at http://www.ScriptureStuff.Com, hoisted by Cafepress.                                      

JESUS is Lord! JESUS is God!  JESUS Almighty! JESUS is the Christ!  JESUS is the Anointed One! Matchless in every way!