Without Ceasing, 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Some time ago we talked about the possibility of a
School Prayer Amendment being offered, and together we
reviewed existing legislation on the issue.  We were
not alone as other columnists across the nation also
reviewed the legislation and found, as we did, that there
has never been a prohibition against school prayer. 
Rather, school officials are not allowed to tell school
children how to pray or lead these impressionable ones
in a prayer.  Now the Christian Coalition, following on
the successful ploy of the Republican Party has put
forth a 10-point "... Contract with the American
Family" which calls for a Religious Equality Amendment. 
On the surface, we should have no argument with this
amendment as the God we serve is certainly able to
defend Himself in the market place of ideas.  However,
we must ask why such an amendment would be necessary.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read; "Islam
is a way of life."  As much as expressing what Islam is,
the bumper-sticker pointed to what Christianity is not. 
Throughout this country, and perhaps even the world,
individuals appear to be converted to Christianity
merely for the purpose of converting others; or as
someone has said, "The difference between AMWAY and
Christianity is that AMWAY encourages self-
     If God is worth serving (and He is), we have no
need of legislation to ensure that school children are
able to pray at school as opposed to at home, or that
you and I are free to inflict our idols upon the
public--and encouraging those who do not serve God to
merely mimic the words crafted by those who do serve
God is nothing more than revering an idol, (It is
honorable, it is adorable, it means much to others and
out of respect for them I will suffer its presence.) 
     Neither God nor His people will ever be empowered
by the legislature.  But God has given us a very powerful tool.
By prayer, God has given us a powerful tool to effect 
His will here on earth.  By prayer, we can usher others into 
God's kingdom as we receive His wisdom and act on it in a 
manner that others will want to follow.  By prayer, we can 
address specific issues which affect us as well as those we
care about.  By prayer we can guide our children when
direct parental intervention may not be well received. 
There is much power in prayer, for us.  But the only
way to utilize the power of prayer is to pray! Return to homepage