God Never Changes

Since the November 1994 elections when Republicans
took control of both houses of the U.S. Congress,
175 Democrats at all levels of government have
switched to the Republican party.  What are we to
make of this?  Have these 175 changed their views on
the family, welfare, defense spending, and other key
issues since the election? or are they simply
holding a wet finger to the wind to determine their
     The political landscape is filled with job
seekers who will do whatever it takes to take and
retain office--men and women of little character,
motivated by personal gain, and quite willing to play
to the crowds--much like the Roman emperors who
entertained coliseum crowds by feeding Christians
to lions: " . . it was acceptable at the time; they
were not considered real people; the crowds loved
it; big fun! But the public mood has changed since
then, and I would not do it now."   

     You and I have been called to look beyond the
label in judging the actions of those who would lead. 
And this requires discernment.  In a representative
government we establish public policy by rejection
or affirmation of candidates who espouse particular
views, and who establish as law their particular
views after the election.  Our votes for a candidate
who favors dumping untreated industrial waste into
a trout stream for the sake of controlling
operating expenses would show our lack of concern
for those who use the stream as a food source, and
indicate that we do not take seriously our
responsibility to serve as God's stewards here on
earth.  It would further indicate that we have not
reasoned our responsibility to care for our
brother--it is more prudent to protect the food
source of our brother than to protect his profits
or even provide him a livelihood.  
     Polluting a trout stream is neither Christian
nor non-Christian--merely ignorant.  But there are
issues with fewer sides than trout stream pollution vs
increased costs, and we cannot escape
responsibility for anti-Christian policies by
declaring "Congress did it."  We control the tenure
of Congress as well as local and state legislatures
by our vote; and we represent to God our loyalty to
Him by our selection of representatives for us.  God
is not distracted by political buffers between Him
and His people--(Romans 1:32).
     On February 19, 1995, Alan Keyes, a former
Reagan administration official and a declared
candidate for the U.S. Presidency, declared his
position of character on the abortion issue by
introducing himself as being from the great state of
Maryland where his "ancestors have lived for over
200 years, sometimes as free men and women and
sometimes as slaves."  What he implied by this
statement is that during the entire period of over
200 years his ancestors were as human as he,
regardless of what the "greater" society thought.  
     As an African American, Alan Keyes is not
willing to participate in his own genocide.   As a
Christian, Alan Keyes is very much aware that he
cannot participate in the crimes of others and be
held blameless.
     I have recently been made aware of the many
circumstances under which God fearing Christian
physicians participate in abortion procedures when
the life of the mother is threatened.  These men and
women of character do not decide to participate
based on the whim of public opinion, but on the belief
that they are doing the best they can to preserve
life.  They are well aware that some will argue that
abortion even in life-threatening cases is  relying
too heavily on the medical arts in assessing the
possibilities which are ultimately controlled by God. 
Yet, their actions are based on conscience rather
than popular opinion.  While the argument over abortion 
to save a life may have some merit, even those who are not 
students of Scripture must quetion the need for partial 
birth abortion--the process of delivering all but the head
of an unborn child, and then sucking out its brains.  

     If we as a people are to obtain good success,
we must be a people of character and conscience,
regardless of the views of the masses.  And when we
consider who will represent us, who will speak their
views for us, who will set their views into governing
law on our behalf, we must know that regardless of
our agreement with them on other points of
consideration which are debatable on merit, we
march with them to our doom when they oppose
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