Your Show is Playing (don't let it go on without you!)

The God we serve has long had a plan for his people. In every congregation He has placed apostles, prophets, teachers, and other gifts to the Church as needed by each local body. Often unnoticed until time of need, God's man or woman arises with great determination to the task for which planted and prepared. When the individual framed by God for the particular occasion is slow in arising to the call, God sends gentle prompting or raises up one of willing disposition with great dispatch - God is not slow to meet the needs of His people.

The God we serve also has a plan for the world in which we live. And we are part of that plan. Just as He has provided for the Church, He has also provided for the world. You and I are His provision. At this time, the world is in need of you.

He sauntered down the second aisle from the left to about midway the theater and took the fourth seat in.

He could have been working at his assignment. Probably should have been. But it was Friday night and he felt like relaxing. Besides, he just couldn't get a handle on it. He knew it was his appointed task, but it was hard to get going. Anyway, he had time. There was always tomorrow.

The theater lights dimmed and the screen lit as an explanation of the rating system began. He listened only faintly musing that mature individuals should be free to view mature themes. It didn't bother him that he was sitting in attendance at an R-rated movie. He was an adult.

As the narrative voice concluded with an explanation of the X-rating another voice took over as the screen displayed images of mouth watering treats available at the concession stand. But suddenly, the voice stopped. All sound stopped. The goodies were still pictured on the screen, and others around him appeared to be listening to something. He pulled on the lobes of his ears - nothing! He clapped his hands - nothing, not even vibrations! He didn't care if others thought him crazy - he couldn't hear! He screamed to what should have been the top of his lungs, and still nothing. He wanted his hearing back! In a panic he arose. But something clasped his right shoulder and forced him back to his seat. He looked to his right and saw nothing. Again he arose. And again his right shoulder was engulfed by a huge invisible hand and once more he was forced to his seat. And then a voice:

Relax. That's why you've come. Relax. It was a strong but gentle voice. A voice that oozed knowledge and understanding. A voice that, somehow, he knew could be heard by only him. I've prepared a special showing for you. Just for you.

And in a glimpse prolonged beyond possibility he was given a detailed look at the suffering and deprivation of mankind throughout the world. He saw the poverty, the hunger, the lust, and the greed of man. He saw man's worship of a false god, and he experienced the despair and fear of serving one whose authority over mankind was usurped from mankind itself, and whose frightful knowledge of the true power of his subjects compelled him to be evermore demeaning in his unending demands.

He knew that in all that he saw, something, some very important element, was missing.

The dreadful weight of the Sin he had been shown fell upon him as he recognized the missing element. And there, in the fourth seat in, midway the theater, on the second aisle from the left, he wept openly.

Have you not enjoyed the presentation? It is your show, you know. It was prepared for you, just as you have been prepared for the time in which you now live. I've planted and prepared you for a major role. Not to be a mere player subject to the whims of those not in my Kingdom; but to conduct, to direct, to choreograph my production. Yet you sit to be entertained with those to whom I've sent you. You muse on whether I'm concerned with your attendance at an R-rated movie. And all the time, your show is playing. Arise, conduct, direct. Don't let it go on without you.

He arose to exit the theater as the images of items to be purchased faded from the screen, and all settled down to enjoy the show.

This short allegory makes the point that we have all been called for a purpose. And our purpose is not just for us--it is for our people, God's people. God has saved us through Jesus not just so that we would escape hell's fire. He has saved us because we have a holy purpose just as said in Timothy 9 "who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,"

In a recent sermon the minister stressed that we find our calling and are strengthened in that calling when attached to a local church. The church is the place that equips us for the present task as well as the task ahead. Some of us know exactly what we are to be doing, and have hesitated because of fear. Others are looking. Some are simply busy doing that which is at hand, and in so doing are being very fruitful and actually carrying out their purpose without ever having been in search. Whatever your case, God has a calling just for you. And your calling is so important to God that He established it before the world began (2 Timothy 9). Perhaps you've been as negligent as I in stepping into that role? Well, time's running out. And your show is still playing.

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