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dateline: August 15 2017

Ohio Officer Beats A Black Man After Traffic Stop

We watched the video. From the car being driven about 20 to 50 yards before stopping at a corner, then making a right turn. As the car turned right, a car coming from the right turns left in front of the car now going in the opposite direction. All without incident.

The car continues on about 30 more yards, then lights and sirens! The car providing us the video appears to be a police car with two armed officers. Perhaps the video is a police training video?

Both officers approach the now stopped car, one on each side of the car, the officer on the passenger side hand on his gun if not drawn.

As they engage the driver the officer tells him the registered owners shows a suspended license and that he did not stop at behind the white bar. This is odd because we were shown the car stopping before making a right turn. The two police officers were in a car directly saw him. And if a marked police car, certainly they know the driver saw them and took precautions to follow all known driving rules with them behind him. Is the officer saying that to qualify as stopping, the driver has to have his tires on the white line? Does he have to hold the position for a three count?

The driver says or does something to make the officer remark, "Then why are you so upset?"

We move on. It appears the driver is operating on a suspended license or does not have his license with him. He is asked to step out of the car. He does so. He is asked to turn around, back to the officer. Up to this point there is no confrontational conduct by the driver. But as he begins to do comply with the officer�s request he is shoved violently against the car, and a battle ensued. He is quickly thrown to the ground and the angered officer begins to pummel him mercilessly.

He has certainly had police training on how to quell a potentially volatile situation. And he knows the driver is upset. So he violently shoves him against the car. The shove is the officer�s statement that he is in charge and you nigger, are at my mercy!

Perhaps he expected a different response? Only a nigger who does not know his place would object to standard treatment, or one who sought suicide by cop. Past the shove, the officer could declare that he thought "his life in danger." With those magic words he could now justify unimaginable force to the suspect�s person.

This has to be a police training video on how not engage citizens!

But it continues with the driver struggling as he is repeatedly punched by one officer as the other holds him down. The passenger gets out of the car and begs that the police stop. She pleads with "Richard" (we now know his name) to stop struggling. The beating continues. The other officer appears to pat the arresting officer, saying "we got him" a signal that it is time for the beating to end. But the beating continues. One of the officers says, "HE HAS A GUN." Richard does not have a gun, but he recognizes the free-to kill code and begins to shout, "I don't have a gun! I don't have a gun. Baby start recording this. Baby, record this." And the passenger gets her cell phone and starts recording the events, saving his life.

Eventually more officers arrive and with one of the officers sitting on Richard's head the situation is brought under control. They stand him up to take him away. They arrest the passenger who has been crying for the beating to stop. As she is handcuffed she is heard asking repeatedly, "why am I being arrested?

As we move into the future, we know the outcome. The arresting officer will be reprimanded and allowed to stay on the force. The other officer may be discharged for Conduct Unbecoming A Police Officer. After all, he had the temerity to suggest that the beating stop.

Okay. We know this, that the brotherhood of law enforcement officers protect each other, first. Protect and serve does not apply to us. And knowing this we must accept that a new model for law enforcement is needed. A model that does not allow for a few privileged individuals with unlimited power and no accountability or liability lording it over the masses. Law enforcement agencies across the country must be de-funded by tax paying citizens and something different instituted in their stead.

I do not know what can be instituted in the stead of the current law enforcement model. But I know that we can never control individuals within the current system. They are too powerful; too threatening; organized into the most powerful criminal brotherhood in our land. Perhaps the only way to get rid of them is to de-fund them. Communities across the country must begin to drain their budgets. Or perhaps there is another way, a Plan B?  And there will be resistance from the Law Enforcement community and their supporters. But America has survived over 231 years. We have become strong nationally, from without. But our great society is in danger of falling to civil war unless rid ourselves of these parasites.


The Washington Post is hosting the video is at:

2 Peter 2:9 (KJV) 9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

Psalm 94:20 (NLT) 20 Can unjust leaders claim that God is on their side� leaders whose decrees permit injustice?

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