Had we not prayed

            for the success of the Obama administration, for deliverance from the financial disaster that loomed on the day after his election, for peace and renewed prosperity, and health for our nation;

            then we could join the naysayers who refuse to participate with others to correct the problems, declare that the course selected will not work, preach against plans of deliverance unaware of the power of their words on those who might yet invest in our future or in some way help to resolve the current problems, have invested in a system only to abandon it when theirs is not the only voice heard, would rather see a great nation fall than find deliverance by any plan other than their own, and offer nothing other than more of the failed policies that resulted in our present situation.



Had we not prayed,  

            in joining them we would not be speaking against our prayers and working to diminish our faith that God answers prayer.


But it shall not be so! We have prayed, and asked God for His help. We have put our reliance on Him knowing that He is a God who delights in the well being of His people Footnote