Christian Commentaries
dateline: July 6, 2020

Attrition To A New Policing Model 

Hire no more police officers.

Do not extend or renew the police union contract.

Require all officers to sign a new contract independent of a union. Terminate any officer not signing.

New contract will include pledge of allegiance to community, affirmation to protect and serve above all else including the allegiance to brotherhood of police or union, promise not to participate in any action independently or in association with others that might impair the safety of the governing jurisdiction.

  • Contract will contain a statement of conduct to be observed by officers

  • Training for new hires will focus on assisting citizens.

Set a number of absences (sick days) or unscheduled leave (paid and unpaid) over which officers are required to come in for a review of performance and turn in weapons until after an acceptable review. Review should include allegiance to community, affirmation to protect and serve above all else including the allegiance to brotherhood of police or union.

  • Require officers to sign new contract at this time, if the officer has not already signed.

Review all unscheduled leave for possible union or group action to apply pressure.

Review significant increase or decrease ticketing for possible union or group action to apply pressure.

Maintain a tight control of all weaponry and munitions to ensure that such are not falling into unofficial use.  Also maintain a tight control of all confiscations.

Require the wearing of active body cameras while in a pay status. Cameras can be turned off only for bath rooms breaks of 15 minutes or less. Justification must be submitted for and bathroom breaks of more than 15 minutes. (Logic: supervisors shall have the opportunity to observe their charges at any times during the work day to consider all interactions with the public and other officers to evaluate character and determine the need for coaching, discipline and encouragement.)

As a way to limit the numbers of police officers needed, there should be a focus citizen policing via video reporting of crimes.

  • Video reports shall have a date and time stamp as well as provide documentation to allow verification of location.

  • Submissions should include name and address and other appropriate contact information of reporters. However, no policing action shall be delayed or voided for lack of this information. Law enforcement action shall depend solely on the ability to prosecute an illegal action.

  • The organization may establish a reward on bounty paid to reporters of certain crimes. Such bounties may be permanent or for temporary periods of time and include incentives to police action, as when for the immediate good of the community police officers could receive slight remuneration for arrests and citations for failure to wear masks to protect the health of the public.

  • Payments could also be made to citizens providing name and address with the submission of the video report. However, where no such information is initially provided there would be no effort my the jurisdiction to contact the reporters.

  • In no circumstance will the name and address of the reporter be revealed or made public, regardless of the crime reported.

Important Note:  This document supplements Plan B by identifying actions to facilitate conversion to a new policing system.  Municipalities and other governing bodies with responsibilities for policing are encouraged to read both this document and Plan B.